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Stops functioning 1-2 times per day


This app does exactly what it says and allows me to use a greeat keyboard with my work laptop. Great application - thanks for time taken to develop this.
The only issue I have it that it stops working a couple of times per day. The keyboard itself is still paired and I can type the 'standard' characters. The issue is that the special mapped keys stop working. For example I notice it mostly using FN+DEL (which I use a lot)
I need to restart the application to get it working again. Sometimes the restart from the taskbar icon works, but the most reliable way is for me to kill the AppleWirelessKeyboard.exe application in taskmanager and start the app again manually.
I am running Windows 7 x64 on a laptop and wondered whether there was a conflict between the AppleWirelessKeyboard app and the windows drivers managing the laptop keyboard. I use this all day everyday and would be happy to test and suggested configuration changes or beta releases to address this.


kwekubb wrote Dec 16, 2013 at 11:37 AM

Hello guys,

I think its is a great app. How do I download and install it.

I need to get my wireless keyboard working on my XP.