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F6 key seems to cause processing loop.


To reproduce the details, I was using the keyboard application while browsing with Firefox 4.0.1; so initially I thought it was Firefox at fault.
I wanted to refresh a page, and accidentally hit the F6 key. After that Firefox locked up and the rest of my system became somewhat less responsive and lagged.
I noticed later that "applewirelesskeyboard.exe" was abusing 15/20% of my i7 950 through rainmeter, and doubled checked with ProcessExplorer.
I tested the error with other application windows to see if it really was just a communication bug between the two initial apps. While testing, the F6 key did yield higher usage of the processor when pressed. I have to kill the keyboard process before I can use my keyboard/functions again.
I fear that anyone without a powerful processor would almost completely lose their ability to use their computer after the bug occurs.
I'm using Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit; with and intel i7 950 processor.
My keyboard is a wired USB Apple Keyboard, Model No: A1243. Even though this driver is for wireless keyboards it works very well with the wired version as well.
I'm hoping this information will be enough to investigate and fix the bug, but if not let me know.
This application is great, and more to look at than others. I would like to do all I can to aid in its further development and growth as an application.
Thanks for the hard work, and I hope to see a fix soon! :)


MrX wrote Aug 20, 2013 at 1:03 AM


The my application is not using the F6 key at all. By that I mean it doesn't even register it being pressed. Furthermore the wired keyboard is not supported because the Fn and Eject keys don't work. If you want to use the utility anyway, please try downloading the newest version from my website ( and see if the issue persists